Photo Links

On this page there will be links to all selection on photo editing program, whether they are on-line or for you to purchase or for you to download free on-line.  I will announce when they are free or are free for a short time.  So, I hope you will this page very helpful. 

Photoshop Elements 6

This is one of the photo programs that I am using to edit my photos with.  The program has options that I haven't even learnt yet.  This isn't the newest verion out there.

Picnik Photo Editor

This is an on-line photo editor and has many great options.  It all depends on what you want.

Here is a link for photographers to do-it-yourself. Has very helpful articles on it, such as, build a panoramic head for perfect panoramas, OR DIY camera mounts for bicycles OR using welding glass as 10 stop ND filters. There are a few on the front page. This link is also on the side under Photo How-to Links.

Do-it-Yourself Photography

By now you can see I enjoy using Photoshop Elements and all things free realated to photography. Here is a link for a free Photoshop Elements Techniques Magazine. Hope you enjoy this link and this magazine.

Photoshop Elements Techniques Magazine - Free

Consumers Research has a very good reputation for reviews on anything from cars to small appliances. Here is the link for DSLR cameras. You will find info on any camera you are intending to buy or on the camera you already own.

Consumers Search - DSLR Cameras